Hey, I’m pregnant! Week 11

We aren’t telling friends until next week after the NT Scan/first ultrasound, and won’t announce to the world until after the anatomy scan at 20 weeks.  So, here I am, officially 11 weeks tomorrow and deciding to keep a pregnancy journal for #2 here on my blog.

This is probably over done, but here I go:

How far along: 10 weeks 6 days.

How big is baby: According to the fruit ticker on The Bump, a prune, 1.2 inches.

Total weight gain:  Approximately 2 pounds, possibly 3.  I’ll have to double check!

Sleep: I’m still sleeping pretty well, though some nights are restless, and I have to get up to use the bathroom more often.  The last few nights have been cooler, so that’s helped!

Best moment of the week: No particular best moments, but it wasn’t a bad week.

Food cravings { again, these are not real cravings (i.e. I can easily resist them), but here are things I’ve been “enjoying” more than other foods I eat}: Potatoes!  I could eat them at every meal.

Food aversions: I haven’t had any yet this time around.  I had a banana aversion last time, but so far so good.

Symptoms: I’ve been nauseous a few days and have had dry heaves twice, but nothing too serious.  I’m tired a lot, though!

Sex of baby: We will find out at the 20 week ultrasound.

What I’m looking forward to: The NT scan next Friday and my first appointment with the doctor right after.  I’m getting blood work done today, I’m not looking as forward to that!

What I miss: Not much so far!

Next appt: Other than blood work today, the next appointment is 7/19.